Tenacious Strategist


Many big businesses in Central America have one name in common: Violy, a Colombian who has caused investment banking to evolve.

“The woman who led the coup d’etat against Pepsi”, “a Wall Street czarina”, “the queen of mergers & acquisitions.” These are only some of the comments published about Violy McCausland in the international media.

She is also one of the 100 most influential people in the region. A woman of great persistence and skill, especially with regards to her ability to close a deal successfully. Her feminine subtlety and capability as executive are hard to resist. These statements are strongly confirmed by her personal record of transactions closed: over US $50,000mm.

She has closed deals that were impossible for others such as the US$210mm capital raising for Mexican Cemex, the alliance between Electra and Western Union and the sale of Calvin Klein to Phillip-Van Heusen.