PRISA’s New Shares Go Public


MSN - Madrid

Spain’s competition body, (CNMV) today approved the deal allowing the listing of shares and warrants of PRISA on both the New York and the Spanish Stock Exchanges, as a result of the approval of the merger with Liberty at the Extraordinary General Board Meeting, held on Saturday 27 November.

PRISA has already received 650 million Euros, which will serve to restore the finances of the company and repay debt in the restructuring process agreed with creditor banks. These have signed a final bridge loan until May 2013.

PRISA’s new shares both ordinary and convertible will be listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange Markets, and through ADRs (American Depositary Receipts) in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from December 3, 2010. All subscription rights issued to shareholders of PRISA, prior to the operation with Liberty (Nov. 23), will be also listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange Markets not later than December 9, 2010.