Business Strategy Review and Assessment:

Often the first step in an engagement, Violy and her senior bankers, as well as her network of industry experts,  will review your current and future plans and give you a detailed assessment of the best path to success, which may include the introduction of new capital,  partners, acquisition, spin off or restructuring.  Usually takes 3-4 months.

Valuation Analysis:     

Violy and her senior team present you with a clear, fundamental valuation analysis not just based on past performance, but also including the value of intangibles such as management strength, brand awareness, potential for growth, etc.

Formulation of Transaction Strategy:

We like to call this the “road map” to success.  We present a clear plan of the best way to achieve your goals.

Preparation of Presentation/Selling Documents, finding the Right Buyer/Target: 

We and our global network undertake an exhaustive search for the “right” buyer/target which includes not just the best financial fit, but also the best long-term strategic fit to increase value.

Negotiation Guidance/Strategy:

Violy’s team has a successful track record in executing complicated negotiations with diverse stakeholders in complex situations from divergent family interests to designing management incentives.

Due Diligence:

Violy’s team can guide partners though complex due diligence, answering questions, providing detailed information and documentation.

Financial Restructuring/Bankruptcy/Negotiating with banks and capital providers: 

One of our specialties is financial restructuring in difficult financial or economic situations.  We understand the needs of our clients, but also the financial incentives and constraints of lenders and capital providers in challenging, and changing, economic environments.