Oh, the Places She’ll Go!


Is CEO Violy McCausland-Seve the most powerful independent deal-maker in Latin America?

The whirlwind investment banker, once JPMorgan’s star M&A player, now has a five-year track record that puts her maverick firm among the top 10 in the industry.

Violy tore through a 14-year stint at JPMorgan to become not only one of its all-time top producers, but also the top female M&A closer in the US. Her secret: specializing in the volatile, but highly lucrative, world of Latin American investment banking. That, plus a seemingly endless well of high-strung energy. As client Carlos Cisneros puts it, “She never sleeps, and she never fails.” VB&P chairman James D. Robinson, who, as the head of American Express, was one of the best-known CEOs in the US, says that what attracted him to Violy was her amazing capacity to get things done. Having spent four decades in New York’s financial sector, Robinson says he never saw anything quite like Violy.